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-and for a long time I didn't see it coming

For a long time I thought that because of Windows updates, improvements to antimalware technology and persistent education of end users we were winning the battle against spyware.

Earlier this year I realized I had been blindsided. Badly.


I might write more about this another time bur for now let me just point out that humans are good patter matchers. Seing the patterns as a picture might help you realize things such as:

  • this mostly happening around lunchtime

Warning: this post contains silliness.

Warning 2: the silliness in this post is meant to highlight the even biggier silliness of privacy policies that are impossible for the target audience to read and offers next to no protection outside of what the mandates, if not less.

Recently New York Times pointed out how long many privacy policies have gotten. While they are still not as long as “War and Peace” a number of them are already more complex than “A Brief History of Time”.

So here are a couple of examples of what privacy policies could look like if companies wanted people to actually understand them: )


If you step in shit, do not blame the shit for being there. You took the step.

Kind of agree, but I don't always blame myself either except if it happened because I was careless.

The important thing is to realize it and get it off the shoes before you enter the office, your car or the house ;–)

Ladybug on plum tree leaves.

These small cuties feeds on aphids so be careful with them.


Haven't tested this yet (should be released this summer as part of the beaker browser 0.9) but it sounds interesting:

A social network based on the RSS idea.

Here's the post I read:

And this is the official website:

Filed under #socialnetworking – Some of the ideas mentioned here might be useful – mainly because it is about Norway and northern Norway in particular. Nice photos too. – weird and a bit funny even if I don't take mushrooms – self explantory – actually funny IMO, but you need to read the whole post – if you can read Swedish you might or might not like this. It is about how long – or short – a life feels.

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A while ago I posted this:

Today I came across this:

A feature about mat-table from Angular Material, complete with images of tables with mat on.

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This poll by the lead Mastodon developer seems to mean he is open to add some formatting and users want it:

As an ex-Google+ user this makes me happy. Maybe some day we'll get circles and collections as well :–)

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