Taking part in the 100 days to offload challenge – day 1

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The tag #100DaysToOffload started showing up a few days ago and I didn't care. My life is really stressful enough as it is without putting more arbitrary limitations, deadlines or anything into it. I got a family, a job, a house, a car and I try to be active in the church so I figured really don't want more stress on top of that. For the record: I chose that life and I don't want anyting to get in the way of it.

Then I read the rules. The rules are similar enough to the The Cult of Done Manifesto that I figured it might actually take away some stress.

So here I am. This is the first part in this series. I don't expect this to bring me a lot of readers or anything, just to get more stuff written down for the benefit of my future self, future historians and people searching for random words or constellations of on the Internet. Maybe it will also trigger someone else to start writing longform instead of just tweeting, tooting, snapping or whatever.

So here are the rulesguidelines as they were written at the time when I decided this could be a good idea:


I don’t like to term ‘rules’ so let’s go with ‘guidelines’ instead. As I don’t think this whole thing shouldn’t be too rigid. Here’s the guidelines as I see them:

Of these I know I will take liberties with regards to getting my friends involved.

So, here we go I guess .

Time used: approximately 45 minutes.