About me

Name: Erik Itland Located: Vestfold, Norway

If you want to follow this blog there should be an RSS feed available at https://erik.itland.no/feed/. You can also follow it directly in the fediverse at the address @blog@erik.itland.no.

If you want to contact me you can try at @eitland@mstdn.io or by mailing to blog-comments-c8z9ism1iv16an2s25@writeas.com

Working for: Computas, a really nice consulting company who works on interesting and important tasks for large customers. Computas was a leading Norwegian company in AI and Expert Systems in the late 1980ies and again today. Personally however I prefer to work on more boring stuff, -automating tedious work, cleaning up old code, code and systems archeology etc etc.

Other things I do and have done so far: I am a software developer and a sysadmin. I write and/or support software alone or as part of teams. Will happily travel around the globe if necessary and if someone pays me for it, but only then.

Note to recruiters: It seems most people who care about this are recruiters in some form. If you are one of them I'd generally advise against contacting me at this point (you are probably just waisting yours and my time, as I'm pretty well paid by Norwegian standards and have many great colleagues and not a single bad one). Update: If you are a recruiter and still want to contact me, here's a more detailed guide.