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Moose that crossed the road in front of us, One is grazing the other is watching us.

Not very relevant, I just came to think of it last week when I was crossing Norway in car and saw a number of moose next to the road.

Also it was taken with my old Canon IXUS camera that I dug out the other day and repaired.

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For years I've been pointing out the problems with C# and .NET, but sometime during the last six months I realized I now prefer it to the alternatives for most of my work.

It boils down to a number of reasons:


These have been around for a few days already:


Finally a post I'm happy about. If nothing else this should be useful for me : )

I've said from sometimes that I thing there is a limit around 15 seconds when it comes to users. If the correct action takes more than 15 seconds and the users gets away with anything else then many of them will do it[0][1].

So, an obvious take away from this is that we should simplify the correct patch of action to make sure it takes as little time as possible and hopefully even less time than the wrong ways.

Another observation is that it would be even better if the user wouldn't have to think about it at all, e.g.


Audience: people who wish to be able to fix their PC on their own.

If you know how to hard reboot most modern laptops you might pick up some ideas on how to explain it to your customers/relatives but don't get too excited.


Courses I'd like to teach

(... but no one asks me to teach : )

Based on this comment:


Google+ got some things awfully wrong. They lost and they were hated.

But many of us thought it was the best social network that existed in its time.

Here are my thoughts, both on technical advantages and community:


If a web application doesn't work in all mainstream browsers it doesn't work

I've been observing this for a few years, but lately it has gotten annoying, so I wanted to write something about it. Below is a QA style walkthrough of what Chrome applications are, why they are a problem and how and why we can and should upgrade them to web applications.


Messaging and social networks is a topic that has interested me for a few years, probably since around the time when I started using WhatsApp.

I'll plan to make this post a sticky one and come back and write a few words about a few topics. As a start and as a reminder to myself I've also written a few lines below on some of the topics I want to write about: (and if you have feedback or have already written about this and wants me to link, message me at )


I am an early riser. Most of the time this is easy. Some times it fails (I wake up two hours later and have to hurry to catch the first bus). Today was more interesting: