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I'm often lucky here, as I've worked with some amazing people.

Yet sometimes I catch myself hesitating over small details that doesn't matter because at some point in my life a small detail like that did hurt as someone caught it and used it against me.

I discussed user stories and acceptance criteria with some colleagues on a project recently and the team lead pointed out that the texts we write are just for communicating here and now, they won't be pulled out and used against us next year.

This might hopefully sound obvious to a lot of people but for me I realized this allowed me to lower my shoulders somewhat and like so many other details it frees up mental capacity for the task at hand.

And together all those small details make a huge difference.

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Sometimes I find myself mindlessly pressing ctrl – t, <name of news site>.

And sometimes it doesn't matter: waiting for someone to reply, for a compile or upload to finish. But often it is a waste of time.

I recently realized that while it is hard to break the first part of the habit, and removing all the triggers is impractical, I can easily stack another habit on top:

I have now trained myself so that whenever my fingers type that pattern they also automatically type ctrl – w to close the tab before even loading it.

I did that by intentionally repeating the first part of the pattern, then closing the tabs and rewarding myself by smiling.

So. I got an iPad. For someone who has been on Android since HTC Hero (after being burned badly by Mac OS X on a laptop fron 2009 to 2012) it felt almost scary to by another Apple product, even if I had a strong feeling that I would like the iPad alot more.

So far I've been right.