Got an iPad

So. I got an iPad. For someone who has been on Android since HTC Hero (after being burned badly by Mac OS X on a laptop fron 2009 to 2012) it felt almost scary to by another Apple product, even if I had a strong feeling that I would like the iPad alot more.

So far I've been right. It works a whole lot better for me than the Macbook pro ever did. Certain aspects of it are better than my Android phone, most notably the sharing system that is a mess on my Nokia 6, even with Android One.

Another big advantage is that it is fastand doesn't drop the state every time I switch back and forth between a couple of apps.

I also got a pen for it as well as GoodNotes, and this combination has proven to be able to replace my notebooks in surprisingly short time, which is awesome as it means I can now carry my notebook with me to work and back without being afraid both

The last one shouldn't be that much of a problem anyway but it still would feel very weird.

I also use it for reading manuals, deleting mail and lightweight Internet browsing. For “research browsing” however it is next to useless for me compared to a real Firefox with Tree Style Tabs and a good pinboard extension.

If it continues to work well, my next phone might be a punkt mp02.

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