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It is 0500 in the morning and I open the app launcher on my phone.


Do you want to:text a random friend-of-a-friend ordo you want to call a project manager at work?


No thanks.

<goes on to update this rant from yesterday with a practical example complete with screenshot>

Screenshot showing Android app launcher with AI features.

For the record, I might not be completely, boringly predictable but here are some observations I would have used if I were to suggest what I would be likely to do next:

  • I almost never call anyone at 0500 in the morning
  • And obviously I never randomly contact friends-of-friends using Telegram at 0500 in the morning.
  • I had bought a book on Audible yesterday that I hoped to get started on as soon as possible

This nicely sets the stage for my main point:

In my experience Google Pie AI can compete and win against Microsoft Clippy when it comes to being useless: While Clippy was predictable annoying and never learned, Android Pie AI is unpredictable dumb – and while it might not be as annoying and in your face it might be even more dangerous since it makes it possible to bother others as well.[0]

Why this is is a mystery to me, and while I have some high level ideas for why it ended up this way it seems clear it wasn't meant to be completely moronic, here's what Google said when they launched Android Pie:


In the past I’ve shared some screenshots of Googles automated systems missing the mark, like: – – and

Here are a some from Amazon: In the middle: Humor & Entertainment Books according to Amazon


A while ago I posted this:

Today I came across this:

A feature about mat-table from Angular Material, complete with images of tables with mat on.

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Here's one from yesterday:

Considering this man was supposedly found in a fishing net in the water behind a fishing vessel he looks surprisingly healthy to me:

"Man found stuck in a net behind a fishing vessel"