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This happened the other day when I opened Google Play:

Google asks me if I want to install additional browsers.

Above: installing Edge just to test the UX. No glaring dark patterns except putting Chrome at top but that might have been random for what I know. They even included a link to a description of how to switch default browser so I choose to file this under actually trying to do the right thing.

This also happened:


-and for a long time I didn't see it coming

For a long time I thought that because of Windows updates, improvements to antimalware technology and persistent education of end users we were winning the battle against spyware.

Earlier this year I realized I had been blindsided. Badly.


A while ago I posted this:

Today I came across this:

A feature about mat-table from Angular Material, complete with images of tables with mat on.

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Here's one from yesterday:

Considering this man was supposedly found in a fishing net in the water behind a fishing vessel he looks surprisingly healthy to me:

"Man found stuck in a net behind a fishing vessel"