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Yesterday Tom Hagen was arrested and helt on suspicion of murder or complicity to murder. Police say they've been investigating this possibility secretly since last summer. I guess we all knew this was a possibility, and many had a hard time not saying it out aloud. I guess I should give kudos to media for being careful. It surely would have looked bad if they had written it out early and it turned out to be wrong.

Some criticize the police for not realizing this immediately. Personally I think they considered this from day one, only not as the most probable explanation until last summer and not publicly until now. After all police is 3 years higher education around here and it is popular so I guess the ones who get in are brighter than the average Norwegian.

Around here the sun is shining outside. I took some photos but won't post them, I don't have time.

Also I forgot to close the lid on my micro greenhouse tonight so I really really hope the tomato plants survived as I see hoarfrost on the grass. BTW: some nice images

Some ideas for future writing:

  • An UX challenge. My bank recently absolutely surprised (in a good way) by replacing the old kind of intuitive transfer-money-between-my-account-in-twelve-simple-but-oh-so-annoying-steps with a 5 step process. Edit 2020-05-06: I created the sketches the other day and today I posted it, here it is UX challenge: transfer money between accounts

  • Photos from the dawn.

In fact I've already sketched up the old flow in excalidraw and I'm excited to post it but it is already 0633 and I need to start working.

If I forget, you can try to bug me at