Rising early – do not change plans at 0345 in the night

I am an early riser. Most of the time this is easy. Some times it fails (I wake up two hours later and have to hurry to catch the first bus). Today was more interesting:


I woke up as my alarm went off. I turned it off and I turned off the Hue lights that I have scheduled to gradually turn on around the same time. So far so good. Almost, -at this point I had already messed up the routine.

What I should do was to get out of the bed first, then turn off the alarm, the lights and then continue with the morning. Instead I had to argue with my brain for half a minute. It's so stupid it is almost funny, it goes along the lines of:

Sleepy brain: It was a nice dream. Me: I'm getting out of bed now. Body: <Does nothing.> Brain: You can sleep a few minutes more. Me: The next step is to step out of the bed. Body: <Does nothing.> Me: OK, this means left foot out of bed. Body: <Moves left foot out of bed>

and so on.

So here I am. I actually got out of bed in time. As usual.

My brain tried again once I entered my kitchen by pointing out there is a nice couch in the living room. Instead I turned on my coffee machine, looked at the calendar while waiting for my coffee, remembered two important updates for for the end of the month, got my coffee – and the rest is history: I'm wide awake, my day is off to a good start and I even had time for a blog post.

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