Rising early

Rising early is something I find very rewarding. FWIW it is now 0508 local time as I'm finishing this post.

It used to be that I'd wake up at the last possible moment (to get as much sleep as possible) and stay up at night as far as possible (to get something done or be social). At some point I finally realized that I am no night owl, so I tried looking into if I could rather rise earlier. Turns out I can, I now more or less comfortably wake up somewhere between 0345 and 0430 and get things done.

Those hours between 4 and 6 are kind of magic: Nobody execpt me and the flyer delivery driver that keeps putting stuff in my mail box on my wall seems to be awake. I can write, plan my day and even sometimes program a little.

FWIW, here are some tricks/observations that might help you if you want to try this:

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[0]: While I call it my drill, I didn't come up with this drill on my own, rather I read about getting up early on Steve Pavlinas blog: – How to Become an Early RiserHow to Become an Early Riser – Part II How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off

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