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HN discusses this article:


Seems HN mostly agrees with me today.

For me this is a perfect example of what I wrote about yesterday: the perfect ux design doesn't exist.

In this case the author has gone to great lengths to create a better ux, only be met with “get off my lawn already!”

I sympathize with people who experience unfair criticism of their hard work.

In this case though, I think the criticism is valid: please please please leave our windows scrollbars alone. There's a reason why we use Windows or Linux – and that reason isn't the price in my case but rather that I far prefer Windows and classic (Gnome 2, KDE) Linux ux to Mac ux.

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Found this on HN the other day:

I found the perspective refreshing and the lack of judgment refreshing. Bias is of course always present, but it was not obvious to me which way it went.

For some contrast regarding judgment vs the artists observation, consider the discussion on HN (who were kind of reasonable this time despite some hot button topics being mentioned):