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So we just had local, i.e. county level and municipality level elections a week ago or so.

The funny part? Every major news outlet seems to have gotten it wrong and wrote about national politics, interviewing the same top politicians again and again on topics related to national elections.

It might actually be worse, depending on how you look at it: I guess they knew very well, and just decided to make entertainment out of it instead of being journalists.

I see myself as someone who roots for journalists, I buy more newspapers that I read and I generally defend them, but sometimes the criticism of mainstream news outlets is really fair IMO.

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The municipal election is coming up.

Today national politicians are on TV discussing free lunches for schoolchildren.

I find it weird: these are not the people we are going to vote for, and free lunches for schoolchildren is not something that will be decided locally on a municipal level.

I blame it on media.