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The bus arrives exactly on time. Me: you stick to the schedule? Bus driver from Northern Norway: no reason to do anything else as long as there isn't a bunch of local people clogging the road.

Car approaching in intersection as seen from the bus.

Snowy bridge as seen from the bus.

Train arrives in snowy weather.

Conversations like above is pretty common in parts of Norway, and considered OK. (And BTW, while I'm Norwegian I'm not one of the locals, but it is OK when people poke at us from the west coast as well as long as they stick to the facts ;–)

Moose that crossed the road in front of us, One is grazing the other is watching us.

Not very relevant, I just came to think of it last week when I was crossing Norway in car and saw a number of moose next to the road.

Also it was taken with my old Canon IXUS camera that I dug out the other day and repaired.

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These have been around for a few days already: "Voi" electric scooter.