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Somewhere I think early in the summer I realized Bitwarden had “Unlock” in the upper right corner and “Log out” right under the password field.

To add to the confusion “Unlock” has about the same style as the app title and blends in erally well while the “Log out” button is an obvious button that almost asks to be clicked next.

I really cannot see any good reason for this and today it becomes the first in my collection of UX problems I observe in the wild (and maybe I'll add a few observations of nice stuff as well.)

For security reasons they won't let me screenshot it so unless I take the time to work around that it will only be this description here.

I reported it in early June and got a nice mail back but nothing more.

For the record: Except for this (minor) UX snag I like Bitwarden a lot.

... but no one asks me to teach : )

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See below the table for an explanation.