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Haven't tested this yet (should be released this summer as part of the beaker browser 0.9) but it sounds interesting:

A social network based on the RSS idea.

Here's the post I read:

And this is the official website:

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This poll by the lead Mastodon developer seems to mean he is open to add some formatting and users want it:

As an ex-Google+ user this makes me happy. Maybe some day we'll get circles and collections as well :–)

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Google+ got some things awfully wrong. They lost and they were hated.

But many of us thought it was the best social network that existed in its time.

Here are my thoughts, both on technical advantages and community:


Messaging and social networks is a topic that has interested me for a few years, probably since around the time when I started using WhatsApp.

I'll plan to make this post a sticky one and come back and write a few words about a few topics. As a start and as a reminder to myself I've also written a few lines below on some of the topics I want to write about: (and if you have feedback or have already written about this and wants me to link, message me at )