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My watch says it is almost eight in the evening. I'm on my way home from work.

Another fighter is in the air. I like the sound of them. Hope we never have to use them for real.

And, kind-of-ironically-but-not-really, keeping a strong defense seems to be one of the best ways to avoid having to use it. (Norway tried pacifism in the 30ies. The experiment ended somewhat abruptly when Hitler invaded 9th of April 1940.)

... and Googles AI still insists the most relevant shortcuts it can sbow me is the ones to text someone I hardly know – or call a project manager at work.

Artificial Intelligence is still hard it seems but sometimes they nail Artificial Stupidity.

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Filed under #observations and #lifeInNorway

The army is training this week. I think it is the “Oslofjord” exercise. On the radio the other day they said there were going to be 3000 troops, F16s and F35s.

Almost everytime I hear fighter jets or see army helicopters I'm reminded about how lucky I am to live in Norway.

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I can hear the sound of something outside, probably a rather large vessel down at the fjord.

We have a few big ones there every week it seems, here's one from today: FRONT THOR ( Images)

I'm supposed to get up in about three hours :–/

Inquirer writes:

If you scan a banana on the self-checkout tills, it requires the approval of a shop assistant. So I input them as carrots to save time and money. And today, in my boldest move yet, I didn't even pretend they were carrots. I scanned the rest of my shopping, paid for it, then simply picked up the banana and left the store.

It is funny how far companies go to incentivize people to do the wrong thing.

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