Microsoft Windows login screen

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This is a minor annoyance but lately I've been working on Windows again and then it comes up multiple times a week.

Somewhere the last few years[0] Microsoft has started displaying really nice backgrounds on the login screen.

I like them a lot: Scottish mountains for example looks a lot like the mountains I grew up and they make me happy.

Then there is some kind of crude voting button in the top right corner where it asks me if I like the image or not. If I answer yes it will tell me something along the lines of “Fine, we'll show you more images like this.” and if I say no it will immediately switch to another image.

So far, so good, only sometimes it overlays the image with text and sometimes not. And sometimes that text is ads. And that is infuriating when I'm looking at a paid OS.

Other times there are no explanation of what I'm looking at.

But every time it only asks if I like the picture. And the answer to that is yes, I only wish that they would be consistent in telling me where it is from and avoid spamming my login screen, but there is no way to enter generic feedback

[0]: I don't follow Windows very closely and hasn't done so for years as it might take months between every time I use a Windows machine on a daily basis.