Today I Learned about “Platform for Privacy Preferences Project” (P3P)

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Came across this subthread at hn today: :

SpicyLemonZest 3 hours ago Which is why the EU has already mandated that. But privacy is a complicated issue, so there are limits to how brief a complete policy can be; just the suggested template[1] is a four page PDF. [1]
pbhjpbhj 2 hours ago One way to do this would be to have privacy standards. EU PP0, PP1, PP2, etc., that would conform to particular uses of one's data. Such info could be tagged in page head and then you could do things like search for a forum that doesn't (according to policy) use your data for revenue (or share it outside the named business -- perhaps that's "PP0", in analogy to CC0), etc.. Just thinking on my feet, E&OE.
sroussey 1 hour ago P3P header? What’s old is new again?

Comes as no big surprise that this wasn't successful, but it is a really nifty idea and something that would be nice to try again in some way or another.