Saturday fun: Hubzilla on a VirtualBox VM

After playing with NextCloud (hosted on Heztner) earlier last week, Saturday was time for Hubzilla.

I finally got my developer workstation[0] up and running in January. During last week I also installed VirtualBox and a virtual linux server[1].

On Saturday morning I installed Hubzilla on a Ubuntu VM. I guess it took a good half hour to get it working, even with the instructions here How to Install Hubzilla on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

A couple of notes that might come in handy for others who install it in a home lab:

The rest of the day I was parent-on-duty as my wife is at work and we have an upcoming birthday to prepare.

If I have to install it again I'll probably try with Debian and use the official instructions here:

[0]: AMD FX 6-core with 8 gigs of ram and an old repurposed 500 Gb drive as OS drive : ) [1]: Running a VirtualBox VM on an old non-SSD drive is surprisingly slow so I might get a new SSD for it sooner or later.