Review: Garmin Vivoactive HR

Summary: Really good, highly recommended for my use case. When I had to wait for a repair last year I missed it a lot.

I bought mine in June 2017 so I've had good time to think about this, in fact I guess this particular model is not being sold anymore but I might very well consider another Garmin the next time I shop for a watch.

Useful features

It is a watch: It shows the time and date. Importantly for my use case it can show seconds, since I use that a lot.

It has a alarm clock built in: I can set it to 0557 (when I have to grab my backpack and head for the bus). This way I can work more efficiently from work.

It can find my phone: I've added an app that signals the phone to start chiming and blinking its camera light. Finding my phone is now more or less a solved problem, even in a hurry.

It tracks my activities: I'm no athlete, but I try to be somewhat active. In practice this often limits itself to walking (or running) to the grocery store, shunning elevators etc. With a watch that actually tracks my activities in the background and lets me see them I have more than once found that I walk a little more. I'm easily fooled that way, and I take advantage of it.

It also tracks sleep: This is nice nice since it gives me a reason to actually try to sleep a bit more. (I'm an early riser and I like it a lot but as far as I am aware getting enough sleep is healthy and beneficial in a number of ways.)

Battery life: I don't know how long the battery lasts. I guess it must be well above a week, because it doesn't bother me.

It is waterproof: somewhat waterproof at least. The repair I mentioned above was after I used it while swimming last summer. Usually it handles that great it seems but for some reason it failed last summer. Luckily getting it repaired or rather replaced costed me nothing, thanks to the staff at my local Elkjøp store who wrote an explanation and sent it back for repair.

Watch bands can easily be replaced when worn out: for me who keeps my electronics as long as possible this is important.



As usual: this is draft. I might have forgotten a lot but time is running out. Feel free to ask if you have questions and can find a way to contact me.

Edit: turns out I had forgotten to write anything at all about why this device isn't perfect

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