Installed Manic Time Pro

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I sometimes do unpaid advertising if I really like a product. If the product is good, doesn't nag me to post reviews or anything and I still like it after some time I will sometimes sit down and write something nice about it.

ManicTime is such a program: It is a program to help you log your billable hours, but unlike others that expects me to remember to stop the timer when I leave the computer or an interruption lasts longer than a few minutes, -ManicTime just logs what program I used at the time, if the computer was locked or not, if there was a long break since last I typed etc. Based on this I can click and drag to select parts of my day and assign it to projects. No forgotten hours, and I also don't have to worry about writing too many hours.

It can also snap screenshots while logging and they show up when you hver over the timelines.

In addition to being featureful it is also easy-to-use and snappy.

The whole thing works locally as far as I am aware (unless you explicitly ask it to log to a server, which can be a local server that you control.)

I often don't use Windows for months, and then I can't use ManicTime, but when I return to Windows, sooner or later I search my mail box to find the license key for the last version I bought.

Let me also mention that the support is amazing AFAIK. I can still download a version that works with my license key, they even took the time to make patched release after my license was expired.