Early morning and a PC that wouldn't boot

Today my PC wouldn't boot when I woke up. That is it wouldn't boot my KDE Neon at least. Windows booted fine, to the degree that anything Windows does can ever be considered fine *).

For some reason I doubted that my Linux was messed up so after I tried rebooting a couple of times I decided to power my laptop completely down. Problem is the battery isn't exactly easy to detach so my normal procedure of turning off, unplugging, removing the battery and pushing the power button wasn't available.

Luckily, and here comes the only useful part of this post: I was aware of a BIOS setting where I can disable the battery temporarily.

So I entered BIOS > Power > Disable battery and BIOS informed me that it would shut down my PC and disable the battery until next time I connected the charger.

After the PC was turned off this way I pressed the power button a couple of times to be really sure, reconnected and pressed the button. And then it booted.

(*) OK, partly joking here, I dislike Windows a lot less that I used to : )

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