Behaviour on social networks and the general Internet

Escrito à máquina... writes in “Venting...”

But some people seem to like venting. And that's OK. And they do it on social networks. And that's OK too. What is not OK is that they do it openly for everyone to read and, when someone, politely, replies with a kind word or opinion they reply with aggressiveness and hatred!

I had a situation a couple of years or so ago where someone had a discussion about how such-and-such people where terrible parents or something. A guy I know responded to their tweets saying something along: “I grew up with such parents and this is not my opinion. I see you work in the same part of the city, -can I buy you a coffee some day and have a chat?”

Response? He got blocked. Cannot remember if there were some unkind words first as well.

In short: I agree – if people don't want to know of other opinions, why are they discussing on twitter?